Monday, June 17, 2013


I'm a saggitarius, which means I was born on December. But here's something for your brain. Is believing in horoscope a sin?

Some say horoscope is just a sign or symbol of who you are and how you react around people.

But how far is this being the truth? Is your horoscope reflects who you are?? Or who you will be?

For me, its just a reading material. I dont believe in horoscope i just find it interesting to read. Yes, i do post some tweets about horoscope but it does not make me a believer. Right? To be someone, its never bout when you were born. Its about how you face your daily challenges or how you shape your life.

So, this goes back to my earlier question. Is believing in horoscope a sin? You be the judge ;)

Sunday, June 16, 2013


24 December 2004. The date that i could not forget. The dafe that haunts me with fears and nightmare every year ever since. The date that I felt the hurt that nothing can cure until today.

Until today, i still find the way on how to forgive and forget. Yes, Catholic teaches us to forgive and forget. I will but i need time. How long?? I dont know.