Sunday, March 30, 2014

VIVAC Miri Division outing on 30.03.2014

Photographs taken during VIVAC Miri Division outing last Sunday at Esplanade. Lots of good-looking cars and a great way to end the weekend.

Before I show you the cars, here are the faces behind VIVAC Miri Division. Not all of them are in the photo.

The outing started at Esplanade, Luak. A place where most car lovers in town show their cars and/or motorcycles. Below are some of the photos during VIVAC's outing :

Manage to snap few of these photos too :


Soon after, the crew decided to leave for Marina Bay but unfortunately, not forgetting the 'slight moment of off-roading with several lowered cars', the place was closed. We head off to the official TT session for VIVAC Miri, the open parking space of SOPB. Another photo-shooting session begins :

 So, that's the end of VIVAC Sunday outing. A great way to end the weekend indeed.

Friday, March 28, 2014

VIVAC MIRI Division Gathering 28.03.14

On 28.03.2014, VIVAC (Viva Club) Miri Division had gathered for their regular TT or meet up session. The venue is the open parking space in front of Coral Alliance office.

Not much was discussed as most of the members/crew did not show up for the session. As such, the meet up is postponed to next Friday (04/04/14).

Here's some photographs taken by me during the session.