Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas is Coming!!

Not sure how to start this blog but here goes! CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!! Why am I excited? No, I'm not getting any present from anyone 'special' this year but the environment.

How was your Christmas experiences so far? Lonely? Enjoyable? Fun? or just OK?

Remember the time when our parents told us that Christmas is about giving and having that 'Christmas Spirit'. Well, all of it are true.

For me, celebrating Christmas is the most important "Family Time" of the year. Why? Well, its the time where family members gathered and share the same table, enjoy having each other around, make fun of each other and basically anything that family members do. It is also the time where long lost friends are found back. Well, never had that experience before but manage to contact back all my primary schoolmates right before Christmas. So it counts for me.

In 2012, back when I was still doing my internship in PJ, Selangor. I missed out Christmas. It was sad but I told myself that I'm not gonna let it get to me. I miss everything back home then. I was alone and not knowing what to do. So, during Christmas eve, I cooked up something (just to get my Christmas mood), well, it wasn't something special but it was good enough for me. Cooked up spaghetti and had it all by myself. Most of my housemate when back to Sarawak and some stayed with their relative so I had no one to share it with. So the night of Christmas Eve I stayed home and watched some Christmas movie, text some friends and just wishing everyone Merry Christmas.

So, Christmas morning comes and I head off to KL city to catch on what is happening there during Christmas. To be honest, there was nothing special going on except for the Christmas sales. Since, that is the only thing that is happening so I tag along. Bought myself some cloths, pants, socks and anything I can get my hands on. Had some nice meals. Just your typical shop till you drop moments. The feeling of missing home is still there but I choose to ignore it cause I know I'll be back home soon. So it didn't bother me a lot.

So, above is the a sharing of my Christmas alone moments. I can never forget that moment. Even when there is not much going on but we all have or bound to have those moments someday. So, what is your Christmas memories that you couldn't forget?