Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Asia Music Festival 2014 Day 1 Photo Collage

Due to certain error while editing the photographs I am unable to upload all the photographs individually instead I choose to create a photo collage for the Day 1 of AsiaMF2014.

Had an awesome time listening and watching all of the performance and dance to the beat!

Asia Music Festival 2014

3rd and 4th October 2014 marks the second Asia Music Festival, which was being held at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club, Miri Sarawak. The common question you get to hear is this "How was the event?" 

Good question, How was the event? Here my point of view on it.

I was there for the first AMF2013 and for a new project or event, it was great. Do I have high expectation for this year's event? Yeap! Some may not agree with me. Some may say that AsiaMF2014 was filled with Raggae music. True, Raggae vibes does took over the night. Well, both night to be exact. Why? Was the other acts wasn't as good as the Reggae acts? False, the other acts was equally fun to watch and enjoyable (not sure that I'm using the right word here).

Yes, the Raggae acts stole the show for 2 nights in a row, first night was by Salam Musik and Masia One and the second night was by Ras Muhamad. Now, there's another issue whereby Masia One, a hip hop/rap artist, was doing Raggae instead of performing hip hop or rap. Yes, her background is hip hop and/or rap but she decided to do Raggae that night. Well, its common for artist to bring something outside of their comfort zone whenever they are performing. I wouldn't say that Raggae is outside of the comfort zone of Masia One but she did bring something different. Yes, I too was expecting that she would do some gangster/badass rapping. But hey, she did Raggae and that's too bad. Nuff' said.

What really matter for me when such event is being held is to see the crowd have the time of their life. Dancing like there's no tomorrow, singing your lungs out and even scream! And that's what happen on the second night of AsiaMF2014. What about the first night? Wasn't anyone dance, sing or scream? I think its getting obvious for certain new event, for the first day, the crowd is a little bit slow. What more to say that the first night was being held on Friday (after working hours). Its unfortunately to see that the crowd was a bit slow on the first day as compared to last year's AMF2013. But the crowd kept on coming anyway. DJ Roundhead play his role well that night. He keep the crowd in front of the stage. Yeah, some are sitting down, enjoying the music and some are dancing away to the beat (that's us).  

The second night kicks off with a dance performance. Not being a hater but DANCE?? Yes, they are good (and the girls are hot) but DANCE??? AT A MUSIC FESTIVAL?? For me, it doesn't goes well. It might be okey for other event but not at a music festival. If they must mix a dance act try and put a DJ there to play or mix there song while they're dancing (just to show that there is an instrument being played). That would be great but it didn't happen. Well, its just my opinion but the crowd seems to love it. 

Ok, enough about the performance review. What really made my weekend at AsiaMF2014 memorable are the people I get to share this experience with. Members of Sarawak Bloggers (you know who you are), media friends from Brunei and KL. Given more opportunities like this, I gladly accept.

Photographs? I am in the midst of editing most of the photographs and picking those that are worthy to be posted. It might take some time but I'll post 'em here and in my facebook page. Please do check them out.

So, that's my review on this year's Asia Music Festival 2014.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DJ Roundhead spinning at Asia Music Festival 2014

Asia Music Festival will be featuring a DJ gig for the first time this year in which Malaysian famous DJ Roundhead will be playing at the post-festival late show on Oct 3 and 4.

According to a publicity release yesterday, DJ Roundhead will also be playing a huge array of famous dance music during a break between each band both nights.Asia Music Festival, now in its second year running, will bring again the very best eclectic mix of live music together for one mind-blowing weekend in Miri.

Performing as a DJ for at least 20 years, DJ Roundhead was once crowned as the ‘Malaysia DJ Champion’ three years in a row when he entered the Malaysian DJ Championship competition from 1995-1997.

When he was in high school, he would work part-time jobs during the weekend just to blow it all away on CDs and records.

That made him the ‘go-to-guy’ when it came to house parties from high school all the way to college.

DJ Roundhead would bring his own player and set up his own mini console and rock the crowd at the party.

Only after college did he join a company during the 90s called Clubworld Entertainment that supplied DJs to entertainment outlets around the country, where he started his professional career.

Among his best moments was representing the country in the Rotterdam Love Parade in the Netherlands for a strong crowd of 10,000 on a 34-wheel trailer while proudly flying the Malaysian flag in front of his console.

He played as a DJ residence in Melbourne, Australia, for a year before returning to the country and is currently attached to TraxxFM in Kuala Lumpur.

The major challenge for any real DJ is being able to perform under pressure.

The most interesting bit is studying the crowd earlier before any performance without undermining their expectations of entertainment.

According to DJ Roundhead, a real DJ can tell if a record or a song is going to be a hit or a dance floor filler. Knowledge is the key for everything.

The inaugural festival last year saw incredible performances from headliners from the Asian region as far as India, Thailand and Korea. With the main goal to develop the brand of Asia Music Festival to be an iconic music festival of mixed genre in the Asian region, the festival has recorded around 3000 music fans attending the first edition of the festival last year.

Asia Music Festival will also incorporate a range of Asian food as well as tattoo exhibition so there will be something for everyone. The festival will start at 5pm daily with a tattoo exhibition as well as food and village mart. Stage performance will begin at 7:30pm until midnight, followed by the DJ set with DJ Roundhead until 2am. Eight international bands have been confirmed for this year’s festival.