Sunday, March 30, 2014

VIVAC Miri Division outing on 30.03.2014

Photographs taken during VIVAC Miri Division outing last Sunday at Esplanade. Lots of good-looking cars and a great way to end the weekend.

Before I show you the cars, here are the faces behind VIVAC Miri Division. Not all of them are in the photo.

The outing started at Esplanade, Luak. A place where most car lovers in town show their cars and/or motorcycles. Below are some of the photos during VIVAC's outing :

Manage to snap few of these photos too :


Soon after, the crew decided to leave for Marina Bay but unfortunately, not forgetting the 'slight moment of off-roading with several lowered cars', the place was closed. We head off to the official TT session for VIVAC Miri, the open parking space of SOPB. Another photo-shooting session begins :

 So, that's the end of VIVAC Sunday outing. A great way to end the weekend indeed.

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