Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Borneo Jazz Festival 2014 - Performers Line Up

This blog post will focus more on the performers of Borneo Jazz Festival 2014.

Every year, this festival attracts local and international acts. This year is no different. So far, 7 performers was announced and I'm not sure whether there will be more performers added into the list soon.

So, the 7 performers are, JunkOFunc (Malaysia), Vocal Sampling (Cuba), Brassballett (Germany), Anthony Strong (U.K), Mario Canonge (Martinique), Iriao (Georgia) and Diana Liu (Malaysia). So, there you go, 7 line ups of the jazz festival.

Quick review of the performers :

1. JunkOFunc of Malaysia.

A band made of 12 members (a large band indeed). The first debut of this band is on 2008 at Genting Internation Jazz Festival. Their genre is funk/soul with the powerful gospel influenced voice of Elvira Arul and Russel Curtis.

2. Vocal Sampling of Cuba.

All male a cappella group. The members are Rene BaƱos Pascual, Pedro Bernard Coto, Reinaldo Sanler Maseda, Oscar Porro Jimenez, Hector Crespo Enriquez and Luis Alzaga Mora. Founded on 20th December 1989, most of their music style are based on the rhythms of Cuban music.

Heard their music online and trust me, it will make you move.

3. Brassballet of Germany.

Before I begin, after reading their bio at their website http://www.brassballett.com/, I go WOW!!

What can I say about this band. They claim that their name is not just a band's name but a musical revolution. They play music fuses with dances style like hip hop, salsa, street dance and etc. A must see act at Borneo Jazz Festival.

4. Anthony Strong of U.K

A man that has been claim as England new jazz superstar. Read about his bio and comments of other superstars are like "F**king amazing - Rod Stewart". Now, when an artist received such comment from a legend in the industry, he must be good, really good. Another must-see act people!

If you don't believe me, here's the link to his website and go check it out!


 5. Mario Canonge of Martinique

A pianist held from Martinique. He's been playing since he was at the age of 10. After watching his video in youtube, I find his music is calming. The kind of music that you would listen during your Sunday afternoon drive or just chilling. Beautiful, smoothing and calming. That is how I describe his music. Looking forward for his performance at Borneo Jazz Festival 2014.

Below is the link to his website:


6.  Iriao of Georgia

Name Iriao comes from the common phrase “Iriao-uruao” of the famous Georgian jodling singing style ” Krimanchuli”.

Iriao’s repertoire is based on Georgian authentic folk instrumental and polyphonic music, which has been recognized by UNESCO as being a masterpiece of oral immaterial heritage.  However, the band is not aiming to modernize the unique Georgian polyphony music, but to saturate and adorn it with jazz elements.

7. Diana Liu of Malaysia

Diana Liu, one of Malaysia’s most celebrated jazz musicians.  Her latest collection of songs treats listeners to a fresh burst of original and upbeat sound, bringing together Diana’s various musical influences in pop, jazz, bossa nova, funk/soul, gospel and experimental music.

You can also checkout her website at http://dianaliuwy.weebly.com/

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