Saturday, April 5, 2014

Trying out new spot

As most of the Mirian know, there is a new development for a new commercial center called Marina Park. As per my last visit with VIVAC Crews on our previous meeting. I find this place is a great place for random photo shooting session.

So today, Bobby, Lesta and I went out to town. The plan was to change install the new set of rims that Bobby bought recently. Looked good on his car I might add. So, after done with that, we went to Permaisuri City One Mall (a new shopping mall in Miri) and we were just wondering around with no obvious sense of direction. So, toward the late evening (5pm) we decided to head home when Bobby start to asked me about my plan of photo shooting today.

So, basically it was a last minute plan and drove my car to Marina Park and the photo shooting session begins.

P/S : Not much photographs was taken as it was a last minute plan and my battery was low.

The view from the commercial center is just beautiful. Didn't get the chance to take photo of the sunset there as the battery was running low. Will do another photo shoot at night at the same place but this time, more cars.

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