Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The New Tiger Radler

Tiger had launch its newest beer called Tiger Radler with natural lemon juice. Now, most of my friends asked me about the taste. What I can say is the taste is more to lemony taste with a little 'kick' of alcohol toward the end. It does not have that strong beer taste like the normal Tiger would have. Its a drink that you would have during a hot day or just chilling with some friends. My first impression of this beer is that its really refreshing.

Alfresco Sidewalk Cafe (Alfresco) was the venue for the launching of Tiger Radler. Alfresco is a place where locals and tourist come to enjoy the music and just relax after a long day. So, for me, it was a prefect place for the launching of the new Tiger Radler. According to the representative, the beer was launched in West Malaysia in December 2013. As for the price, we were advised that the beer will be sell for RM11.00 per bottle. It will also will be sell in packs (6 bottles). 

Why "Radler"? Well, I did some research on the meaning of "Randler". In German, Radler means 'cyclist'. The Radler is basically a beer-based mixture beverages. The mixture ratio consist of 1:1 or 3:2 (depending on the drinker) beer and German style soda pop or lemonade. So, that is the basic idea of this Tiger Radler.

Now, here are some of the photographs taken by yours truly during the event :

Alfresco Sidewalk Cafe

Speech from the representative.

And there's also dance performance

Group photo with the bosses of Alfresco

So, for those who drinks to relax, this is the beer for you and always remember to drink responsibly.

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