Saturday, February 8, 2014

A memorable vacation/roadtrip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Day 3)

Day 3 or 02/02/2014.

Its Sunday and sunny. Bobby and Lydia had this wedding reception to attend in the morning. So, its just me, Yan, Alom and Linda. We manage to have our breakfast together (with Bobby and Lydia) and after Bobby and Lydia went to the wedding reception, the rest of us decided to go to the Philippine Market. This market is located at KK Waterfront (Yes, we just love walking at waterfront). This is the place if your're looking for souvenir to bring back. They offered lots of creative handmade crafts, t-shirt and some other goodies. Alom had a mission, which is to buy dry products (anchovies, squid and prawns). Well, that was upon request from his mother.

Me and Yan decided to head to the craft market while Alom and Linda are shopping for dry products just next door. Well, Yan is the most happiest girl when it comes to shopping. The best thing about this place is not only the crafts are handmade, you can also bargain for the lowest price. Well, the items there are already cheap so why not make it even more cheaper. But you have to play you 'game' well if you  want to get the lowest price. Yan? Well, she's just overwhelmed by all of this and decided to on a shopping spree. Can't recall how many things did she bought but it was a lot.

So, after done with all of that, we went to Sabah Centre Point. Its a shopping located not far from KK waterfront and its easy to spot from a distance. We didn't do any shopping there because we needed to get out from the burning sun and get our lunch while waiting for Bobby and Lydia. So, McDonalds is the choice.

Bobby and Lydia head back to their hotel and so are we. We meet up at our inn and head straight to Jesselton Point or ferry terminal. Its island visit time. The island we choose is Sapi Island. Why Sapi Island? In my previous trip with my schoolmates, we went to Manukan and Sapi Island. Yes, Manukan is bigger and more spacious but the down side of it is there are too many people. You're lucky if you can find a spot to put your stuff. Sapi is slightly smaller but the carol reef there is just magnificent. In Manukan, you could find some coral reef but you have to get into a deeper water but in Sapi the coral reef is just right in front of you.


Ok, back to our story. So, we went to Sapi but unfortunately we were unable to do some water sports. We wanted to do the Fly Fish or Banana Boat. Yeap, we just love being thrown around in the middle of the open sea. Well, there are other games like jet ski and para-sailing but we wanted the thrill. So we decided not do any of it. We end up swimming around, looking at the reefs and fishes. Trust me when I tell you this, for those that have never been to any island before, the fishes are colourful. But in any of the island in KK, you are not allowed to feed the fishes.

The boat ride from Jesselton point to Sapi Island is about 15 to 20 minutes and it cost around RM26 to 36 (excluding the life jacket and snorkel gears which you have to add another RM10). The prices may be slightly different with the other boat operators. Try to survey for prices before choosing. There are about more than 10 booths at the terminal.

 Yan just love taking photos

Trying my best to look good while the wind is blowing my face off 

Kak Yan 

View of the open sea

Its a little bummer that we couldn't do any water sports but at the end of the day, we had a good time. I had the chance to do some self-reflecting time while sitting on the rocks. I praise God for the moment I had there. Its just unbelievable.

 With love from us

And being us, here a photo of...well, just have a look

  Can you spot a lost ostrich

So, at 5.00pm, we leave Sapi Island and head back to our inn. The rest of us decided to rest before heading out for dinner while me and Yan, we head out again but this time its not sunset hunting. Its night market shopping. And yes, I'm a shoe lover, spot this really awesome Vans shoe and the design is sick. Again, bargaining skill is a must. I manage to get for RM75 (the price is RM90). I know its not an original Vans shoe but with that design, I just have to had it. 

Again, our dinner is at Waterfront and this time we try out some of the barbeque seafood. It was just delightful.

So, that's about it. We leave KK on 03/02/2014 with our heavy heart and the lovely memories that comes with it. What I can say about this trip is, it was an awesome experience and the most important thing is the joy of having good, no, AWESOME people to share it with. What's next in our life adventure? Camping trip.

Moral of the story, enjoy your life. Put your sorrows away and smile away. Go out, explore and travel to places that you've never been before. I'm sure that you'll have a great time while you're at it and share the experience with the awesome people that always put a smile on your face.

So, that's all from me. May this blog trigger your inner spirit to go out and have fun! Remember, no matter how little the thing is, if it makes you happy then just keep on doing it.

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