Saturday, February 8, 2014

A memorable vacation/roadtrip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Day 2)

Dated on 01/02/2014, we wake up in KK and on this day, the first plan is to Kundasang, Sabah. Kundasang is located at the mountains of Sabah. The drive from KK city to Kundasang is about 1 to 1.5 hour (again depending on the traffic).

As the drive is an uphill drive, it is advisable for road users to watch their speed limits. I've been to Kundasang before with my previous roadtrip with my schoolmates. So, I knew that the drive would put a lot of pressure to the brakes. So, before you begin to drive up to Kundasang, always check your brakes (espacially brake pads) including your handbrake is in working condition. The drive is basically uphill and downhill drive, so, you are require to use the brake mostly on the downhill drives. That is why your brakes must be in good working condition. Don't be surprise if you start to smell some burning to your brakes. It is common due to the temperature. Due always keep an eye on the brakes.

Ok, enough with the reminder. So, the journey to Kundasang begins at 9am (after breakfast). If you love driving in a foggy, cold and windy condition (which for some is dangerous) you can begin your drive at 6am.

After half hour into the drive, we reached Kinabalu Park. Again, it is advisable for you to make several pit stop before reaching Kundasang as it allows your car to cool down for a while and not pressuring the brakes. Kinabalu Park is definitely a tourist attraction. Once you reached the park, there is a huge parking space located at both side of the road. So, we stopped there and had our photo-taking session again. It is a beautiful place for sightseeing and just to enjoy the mountain breeze.

 The boys, Bobby, Me and Alom

The girls, Yan, Lydia and Linda

Group photos

Here are some, well, I should let the photos do the talking.

Ok. After some photo-taking fun, its time to continue to Kundasang. Before I forget, please make sure you clear your bladder before making this trip as the temperature is very cold you might end up using the toilet more than you thought.

So, we reached Kundasang well before noon. What do we do in Kundasang, we visit Desa Cattle Farm, where fresh Desa Milk are produce daily. Not sure about the price cause I didn't bought any of the milk. But according to Lydia it is RM2.00 cheaper than the price in normal groceries store.

Desa Cattle Farm is where you can find the famous 'New Zealand cow'. You are also allowed to feed the calf and some goats. Of course you have to pay. 


Other than feeding the calf and goats, the mountain view from Desa Cattle is just breath-taking. All you can see is just green field.

 Check out the background (don't mind us)

The "we are cool" walk

Bobby, Lydia and Yan manage to buy the Desa Milk while the rest of us are simply enjoying the view. So, we make our way down to KK City. Since, you are travelling to Kundasang, you are bound to pass the famous Upside Down House or "Rumah Terbalik" in Tamparuli. Being the tourist that we are, we stopped by to check it out.

Yes, most of them stuff there are upside down. Please excuse us boys for the photo taking style. We just can't take proper photo of us.

So basically, that is what we did on our second day in KK. Had so much fun. After the trip, we head back to our inn and rest. But me and Yan decided to go out again to check out the sunset at KK Waterfront. You can find the picture in my Instagram page. We meet up with the others for dinner and this time, we decided to try out the food stalks along KK Waterfront. Surprisingly, the method of cooking the seafood there are similar to the methods used throughout KK city's restaurant and the price is way more cheaper than normal restaurant. Our dinner comprises of fish, prawns, vegetables and squid. And that cost us less than RM100.

So we called it a night with a happy tummy.

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