Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Asia Music Festival performer - V.Star from Korea

V.STAR comprises Gwan Jihye, playing the traditional Gayageum (Korean zither, modified into twelve strings), joined by the percussionist Kan Keun Hwa, playing Janggu (double headed drum with a narrow waist in the middle), Heejin Park playing the Daegeum (Korean flute), and Ellie Kim singing Pansori (Korean dramatic melodies), Ellie also plays a second Gayageum and the  keyboards in some shows.

This band has gained a reputation among the emerging South Korean young bands. Their style can be identified as the new traditional Korean mixture, as they play their music using traditional Korean music instruments, whether in original compositions or through new arrangements of famous Korean and Western covers. Their style is thus based on merging both Gugak traditions (Korean ethnic music) and modern sounds.

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