Thursday, October 3, 2013

What do we really want in life

The big quenstion that never had any solid answer to.

Different people may give different opinion but only we know what we really want in life. And I can tell you now that most of the answer will be "happiness". How do we get the happiness in life?

One question leads to another. For my own opinion, happiness is everything around you. Be it your pets, family, friend, hobbies, work, and so on. But as a normal human being, we keep on persuing happiness even if it is in front of us. Why? Guess it is in our nature to do so.

Some may say that life is too short to be sad. Well, I wouldn't argue with that. But ever heard of someone told you that he/she is happy when he/she is sad? Confusing isn't it.

How does this fit in? How does this work? The answer is only for those that feel that way. There are lots of maybe going around that statement. Some might say its not even possible. All I can say is, when you meet different people everyday, you will know that there are lots of personality out there.

Ok, back to the sad and happy part. How does it work? Well, the simple way to explain this is through a certain relationship. I know I know. But its not what you think.

Say father and daughter. A father would do anything to see his daughter happy. Even if he has to let her go. Sad and yet happy. You may not agree with this statement "In order to be happy, we must sacrifice our sadness".

Think about it. Cheers peeps!!