Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Asia Music Festival - The Starlets Band

The Starlets Band got together as a group with their first 6-song gig at the Piasau Boat Club, Miri, way back in April 2005. Three of them were sisters – Monalisa Ibrahim (vocal), Hawa Ibrahim (keyboard) and Rahmah Ibrahim @Norol (guitar); niece Nono made four. Their audience were 4 Caucasian males. It was a Father’s Day gig.

Since then the band’s popularity took off. Now the group is regularly hired by SALCRA (Kuching), Pemadam, PBB, Naim Cendera, Schlumberger, Public Bank, UMW, Halliburton, Weatherford Brunei, QAF Brunei, Brunei Shell, Telekom, LAKU, Miri City Council, Piasau Boat Club, MALGA (Msian Amateur Ladies Golfer’s Association), Sarawak Oil Palm, Ming Cafe

Miri, Nippon Oil, Jabatan Pemetaan and Pitstop Bar; the list is long.
There have been different faces in the band as the girls, all Sarawakians, were either committed to an office career or tending to young children at home. The positive thing about it is that the band keeps evolving.

The Starlets band is now made up of 6 performing members namely Rahmah Ibrahim (band leader, guitarist and vocal), Azieyanti Azahari (keyboard,vocal), Sharina Daisy Henry (vocal, ), Jumilah Ayub (vocal), Setianor Usman (vocal) and Hazral Maulana (vocal); the 7th member, band technician Dyg Mareenia, carries around a camera.

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