Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Asia Music Festival performers - Boy Thai Band

The band is made up of 6 talented musicians, Saranyu Suwannasoonthon (Saxophone), Paron Yuenyong (Ranad–Thai Xylophone), Pakee Navee (Bass), Ekkapong Saelim (Drums), Weerasak Hambubpaka (Keyboard) and Arnon Suttjaridjun (Thai Drums).

Boy Thai Band developed a modernized Thai sound, by mixing western rhythms with the sounds of classical Thai music. Their music showcases Thai instruments such as the Thai xylophone (ranad), flute and Thai percussion but played with a very upbeat manner, fusing influences ranging from samba, bossanova and modern jazz. Within a very short period of time, this group of young musicians with different backgrounds succeeded in changing the common perception that traditional Thai music was conservative, boring and outdated. Their music became a sensation with younger Thais and praised by critics, who remarked that Boy Thai music “was the most innovative thing to have hit the Thai music scene.”

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