Sunday, October 13, 2013


Its been a sober weekend for me this week. Didn't even went out cause of the weather. In case you didn't know, the weather here is glommy. Guess its the season now.

So, since I didn't go anywhere this weekend. I actually enjoy staying at home. One of yhe reason is the privacy I get  cause my brother spend his weekend with his girlfriend and friends. And no, I did not spend the whole weekend in my room. I actually did something that I haven't done in so many years. Which is composing a song. To be honest. It didn't work out cause the I ran out of idea to write the lyrics. But it felt good to do something that you've haven't been doing.

That is one part of me that none of my friends know of. Well, since I did not manage to finish up the song I decided to do a cover song instead. I would love to share the video or recordings with you guys but unfortunately I did not do any recording. Sorry.

Which song you might ask? Letters to you by Finch, Buried Myself Alive by The Used and Outside by Stand. Trust me. Those songs are not easy to sing.

After the unsuccessful attempts in making those cover songs, I decided to go on youtube and search for other cover songs. That is how I normally get my so called inspirstion from. Found whole bunch of cover songs and did couple of attempt but fail. But it does not bumps me out knowing that I couldn't do those things. I was enjoying it actually. There's a saying that goes like this "no matter how many failure you faced, as long as you enjoy doing what you do, those failure will eventually turn out to be a success".

No guys, I'm not going to persue my long desire dream of becoming an artist but I enjoy listening and making music. Guess it true what they say, music can cure the heartache.

Moral of the story is, enjoy doing the things that you love the most as it could calm you down and brings you happiness.


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