Monday, May 12, 2014

Borneo Jazz Festival 2014 - Performance Night 1

Beautiful isn't it? Another way to kick start the first performance night of Borneo Jazz Festival 2014!

For those who were there that night, you might know the sequent of the performance. Chung Hwa Secondary School Brass Band open up the show with their signature performance. It is also a great way to welcome the visitors of Borneo Jazz Festival 2014. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to capture any of their performance (so sorry guys!).

So, night falls at Parkcity Everly Hotel and the second performance was by Malaysia's own, Diana Liu. Her smoothing and unique voice really give you that relax mood. Overall, her performance was great! Some might feel that the first performance should be big and fill with explosive, but my honest opinion, she set the mood just nice to boost the energy for the next performance.

Up next would be Mr. Mario Canonge of Martinique!

Now, here is a pianist that has awesome talent. His piano skills was just phenomenal. For this performance,  you can really feel that Mario is bring up the energy to another level. Crowd start to cheer and dance along with his music. According to my fellow bloggers, this is the first time that they actually see the crowd getting highly involve with the performance. Obvious respond was dancing and cheering. A good sign indeed.

Next performance is from a band from Kuala Lumpur. Many asked, are they playing jazz or funk? My answer, who cares! Their music is fun to listen. Here is JunkOFunk!

Ok, most of their music was influenced by funk music instead of jazz. Even Russell's shirt asked "GOT FUNK?" But did the crowd enjoy their performance? From the looks of it, they did. This time, the hundreds of people standing in front of the stage cheering on and sing along with the band. IT WAS CRAZY. When Double D came up to us and said, JunkOFunk is gonna drop the bomb. They drop the damn nuclear at Borneo Jazz Festival 2014 stage! That is how big and awesome their performance was. 

Next up is an acapella band. They performed for us during the tree planting ceremony and they took the stage as the last performance of Borneo Jazz Festival 2014. This is Vocal Sampling. 

All the way from Cuba, Vocal Sampling came and conquer the Borneo Jazz Festival stage with their awesome tune of sounds. One song that really stuck in my head is when they performed "Hotel California". Especially when one of them did the lead guitar sound! That was awesome!! There was a moment when I stare at them trying to figure out who was doing the bass sound. I was standing next to this huge speaker and the bass sounded so real! What a way to end the performance for the first night of Borneo Jazz Festival! But the fun doesn't stop there. 

This year, the introduce two (2) after party segment. The first is the DJ set with DJ Roundhead (from Traxx FM) and the second segment is a jamming session with the performers at Ruai Lounge. I went to the DJ set with the other bloggers and find a great way to just enjoy the rest of the night dancing away like there's no tomorrow. However, I didn't get to cover the jamming session as all of us was drop dead exhausted. 

So, that was the summary of the first night performance of Borneo Jazz Festival 2014. Will post up all the photographs taken in my next blog (Fabian's Snapshot 2014 - Borneo Jazz Fest 2014) and the second night performance blog post will be out soon! 

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