Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Borneo Jazz Festival - Performance Night 2

And here another blog post on the second night of Borneo Jazz Festival. Same as the first night, the show kick start with the performance from Riam Road Secondary School Brass Band.

They did something different from Chung Hwa's band, which is, dancing. Another thing is, during the interval, the percussion would play a short rhythm. So its not as quite as the previous band. Kudos to the teachers.

The stage is set and the second performance of the night is a band called YK Samarinda from Indonesia. Now, what intersting about this band is they play traditional iban instrument called "sape". In their language, they called it "sampe" (forgive me if the spelling is wrong). 

They even wear the traditional local outfit or costume. And my oh my, the drummer stole the show with his super fast drum solo! Yikes!

Right after the electrifying performance by YK Samarinda, came a band all the way from Georgia called Iriao. Now, the unique thing about this band is their instrument. See the guy sitting down, his the one who played the Georgian Folk Instrument. I would loved to tell you guys what they are but unfortunately, me myself couldn't figure out all the instrument but what I can tell you is the instruments are used by folk (villagers) in Georgia to play music. Something like our 'sape'.

Now, as for their performance. I couldn't understand their concept of performance but its funky. Most of their tunes are unique cause they are not acapella but they are making music with their mouth and the Georgian folk instrument, bass, drums and keyboard. Totally unexpected as I thought that the three men would sing at first. 

Next up would be a gentleman from UK, Mr. Anthony Strong. If some wouldn't known better, they would think that Micheal Buble was singing on stage. In his press conference, he did mention that he and Micheal Buble are totally different. Yes, they are different but they sound so similar. His music is more on pop-jazz feel, which the ladies love the most. 

The crowd when Anthony crazy when he start singing and the dude knows how to mingle his way around the crowd by making jokes. He requested the crowd to cheer for him right after he started singing and the crowd actually did it! Lovely guy indeed.

The last performance of the night is a band all the way from Germany,called Brassballett. This is the only band that plays instrument while dancing. At first I thought it was going to be light movement from one side to the other. Up to my surprise, they actually DANCING! I was wondering, how in the world did they do it. Blowing the trumpets and moving at the same time. That requires you to have supper breathing skills. Their performance blew a huge hole at the Borneo Jazz's stage.

And after all the performance are done, the party move indoor again with DJ Roundhead and a jamming session was going on at Ruai Lounge. DJ Roundhead went all out that night, starting his session with "Happy" as per requested by Sarawak Bloggers team.

As for the jamming session, I couldn't stay longer as I was too exhausted after spending the whole day at the hotel. Manage to catch one performance by JunkOFunc and as usual they really bring it to the stage with their awesome vocals and funk music. 

Overall, my first time covering this event has been an awesome memory. Similar to Asian Music Festival 2013, it has its own sweet memories. Looking forward for another year of Borneo Jazz Festival! Click on this link to check on the photographs taken throughout the event BJF2014 - Photographs of night 2.

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