Thursday, May 22, 2014

Car wash for charity

Ukhuwah Snow Wash is organizing a fund raising event here in Miri this coming Saturday. Please do join us in this meaningful event to raise fund for the aid of one unfortunate family. Bring your car to Ukhuwah Snow Wash located opposite SK Merbau, Permy Jaya, Miri for a charity wash. The money raise through this event will be donated to Mohd. Thaqrif Bin Mohamad Thermizy whom had involved in a horrible accident few weeks ago. The accident had claimed the life of his father and Mohd. Thaqrif is currently in ICU and his mother is due to give birth anytime soon. 

With your kind heart, please come and show your support to this family and together we can give them hope for a better future. 

Below is the poster for the charity event mentioned.

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