Monday, May 5, 2014

Ejul and Azii Big Day 4th May 2014

4th May 2014 or Sunday was the wedding day of VIVAC crew member, Ejul and Azii. As per request, available VIVAC crew members and friends are escorting the couple to their wedding venue, Kampung Sukan, near Stadium Miri and Indoor Stadium Miri. Total VIVAC cars attended was 12 cars excluding 2 hondas.

The escort begins from Lopeng to Kampung Sukan. It was one of the memorable event for the crews. Sharing the happy moment together. 

Here are some of the photos taken during the event.

Attaching the wedding ribbon to the car handles 

 Pyan (future wedding planner)

I was unable to take any good shot while we make our way to Kampung Sukan. Well, I was driving and taking picture at the same time (Do not try this as it is very dangerous). Nevertheless, here are some of the pictures while we were still on the road.

And finally, we arrived at the venue. The parking space was limited as some of the VIVA-Avy gathering participant was staying at Kampung Sukan but luckily our cars are small and manage to fit into the limited parking space.

The following pictures are taken throughout the event. Sorry for the poor editing style (still learning).


Car club is for members come together and share sweet, beautiful and memorable moments together. Other than come together and share information on their passion towards cars, car club can help in building brotherhood. All of these are shown during the wedding, we laugh together, we share jokes together, we eat and drink together.


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