Sunday, May 11, 2014

Borneo Jazz Festival 2014 Tree Planting Ceremony at Tenby International School Miri, Sarawak

In any event; be it musical or anything, tree planting ceremony has been the 'door opening' ceremony. Same goes to Borneo Jazz Festival 2014. The tree planting ceremony was held at Tenby International School, Miri on 8 May 2014.

The attendance was CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board (STB), Dato' Rashid Khan, the Mayor of Miri City Yg. Bhg Mr. Lawrance Lai, principal of Tenby International School, Mr. Philip Brisley, performers, fellow media, bloggers, and not forgetting the student of Tenby Internation School, Miri.

Many may asked is such ceremony required? Well, it can be either yes or no. My opinion, its a yes. Simply because it can bring awareness to people how important is the nature and the environment nowadays. As mentioned by Mr. Philip, there are not many rain forest left in the world. With such ceremony, it can atleast show how important the nature is to our current environment. I don't need to touch much on the effect of pollution cause all of you are suffering from it now. Me included. 

So, moving on. Last year's Asia Music Festival (AMF2013), I didn't get to join the tree planting ceremony, which was held at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club, Miri. So, this is my first time joining such ceremony. Trust me when I said this, you won't mind to get your hands dirty for a good cause. Everyone was doing it including the performers. Yes, we had fun along the way.

After the planting done, I was sweating like **** and my shirt was wet all over. Hey, atleast I didn't get sunburn. But in all seriousness, go out, plant something. It can be flowers, banana trees or any sort of plan you can get your hands on. With the burning weather we have here in Miri, a tree would be perfect to hide from the burning heat. Especially coconut tree! 

Enough said. Here are some moments capture during the event.

 Some of the students of Tenby International School attending the ceremony.

 principal of Tenby International School, Mr Phillip Brisley giving his speech.

 Gift exchange between Mr. Philip Brisley and Dato' Rashid Khan.

 Another exchange between Yg. Bhg Mr. Lawrance Lai and Dato' Rashid Khan.

 Dato' Rashid (on behalf of STB) receiving gift from Mr. Philip Brisley

 Performance from Vocal Sampling

Group Photo

 Yeah budday!!!

 It may look dead but its pretty much alive.

 Joel Wong hard at work!!

For nature, she's willing to let those Adidas kicks dirty! Go Anna!

So, there you go. Shared my experience on the ceremony with y'all and next blog post will be on the concert. Wait for more updates guys!

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